Government implements part of Yukon NDP proposal to support hospitality industry

Whitehorse – Today, the government announced a series of measures aimed at hospitality businesses to support them through these tough times. These measures were proposed and advocated for by the Yukon NDP over the last week, following MLA Emily Tredger and Yukon NDP Leader Kate White’s Yukon-wide roundtable with restaurants and bars.

“As I was reaching out to restaurants and bars all over the territory, it was disappointing to hear that most of them had never been contacted by the government to see how they could better help. So we asked them, put those ideas forward to government – and the government listened. Businesses shouldn’t have been left alone to struggle during this last period of restrictions”

  • Emily Tredger, MLA Whitehorse Centre

Some of the recommendations put forward by the Yukon NDP included a rebate on liquor license fees, expanded eligibility for new businesses to fill the gaps of federal programs, more financial supports, and a simplified application for these programs.

Some additional recommendations that have not been met by the government were to allow alcohol with take-out orders, to create a specific point of contact for applications and support, and to organise virtual meetings after major changes to restrictions so businesses can have their questions answered. 

“This is a start – more measures could be implemented to help small local businesses, such as allowing alcohol in take-out orders, or having a dedicated navigator to help out businesses who want to apply to programs and support. We also need more awareness – some businesses did not even know supports were available.”

  • Emily Tredger, MLA Whitehorse Centre

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