Government needs to consult with municipalities on amendments to the Municipal Act

WHITEHORSE  – The Yukon NDP is calling on the government to delay controversial amendments to the Municipal Act and the Assessment and Taxation Act until the spring sitting, and to use this time to start meaningful consultations and conversations with municipalities.

“Nobody is disputing the intended goal, which is building retrofits, but the government is downloading its responsibilities onto municipalities without their  consent and without meaningful consultations. We’ve heard that some municipalities are worried they don’t have capacities to deliver.”

– Kate White, Yukon NDP Leader

Municipalities have expressed concerns when this legislation was first announced in 2019 and may still have questions and concerns that have not been answered by Yukon government. Some previous councils communicated their concerns about their capacity to deliver such a program, or about who will be liable in case of default of payment. The Association of Yukon Communities has also communicated similar concerns.

This legislation would have a direct impact on municipalities. It is critical to obtain their buy-in to put forward this legislation.

“We question the timing of this legislation. Municipalities just went through a municipal election. The Minister of Community Services signaled yesterday that the government would put this legislation forward tomorrow (Thursday, November 18), while the AYC’s first board meeting since the municipal elections is happening this weekend. It seems that government is trying to avoid municipalities taking a stand on this.”

– Kate White, Yukon NDP Leader

The Yukon NDP is urging the Government to re-engage with municipalities, address their concerns and bring an improved version of the bill back to the Legislature in the spring.