Happy Second CASA-Anniversary, when the impossible became possible.

Today is the perfect day to remember the words of Jack Layton – “don’t let them tell you that it can’t be done” – because two years ago, what people said was “impossible” became possible.

Two years ago, when we as the Yukon NDP ran a slate of fantastic candidates and an 84-page platform, we were told by the other parties that we were asking for too much. That it just wasn’t possible.  

But when we found ourselves in a minority government situation, when the government had no other choice but to listen and to work with us, suddenly our ideas became feasible. Our vision for a better Yukon became possible because the political will was finally there.

Many of these ideas have become a reality in the last two years, as part of the first Confidence and Supply Agreement we signed with the Liberals.

The historic increase to minimum wage made it possible for more people to live in dignity.

The new dental plan has changed the lives of so many people, who are now able to go to the dentist without draining their savings. We’ve heard from folks who have been able to get dentures for the first time ever, this is truly one of my proudest accomplishments as the leader of the Yukon NDP.

The supervised consumption site is serving hundreds of people every month, and saves precious lives every day.

Thanks to the rent cap, renters no longer live in fear of being served an unethical rent increase. Now, the rental market is slowly but surely stabilising so that Yukoners are not being priced out of the territory.

The bolder climate targets that we negotiated have been legislated, which means that the government must respect them. This will give us a fighting chance against climate change. 

Some workers now have access to their first ever paid sick leave and can stay home when sick without being worried about how they’ll afford groceries. This program leaves many workers out, and we’ll continue to fight to ensure that everyone has the access they deserve.

All of these incredible achievements were deemed impossible only two years ago. When we fight hard for people, when we dare to lay out a bold and bright vision for what the future can look like, sometimes it does become reality.

We didn’t form government this time around, but I truly hope that what we’ve accomplished in the last two years, and what we’ve negotiated again in the new agreement, will show all Yukoners that we can do better than the status quo. We can have a government that truly makes life better for Yukoners.

So to all Yukoners, happy anniversary of the impossible becoming possible