Liberals and Yukon Party Ready to Fail Yukoners Again

Whitehorse — Today during Question Period, the Minister of Community Services signaled that his government will scrap the rent cap when the Confidence and Supply Agreement expires on January 31, 2023.

It is now clear that the Liberals have no intention to protect tenants unless the Yukon NDP forces them to. 

Before the rent cap, our office would see people being served rent increases of up to 50%. They’d be expected to come up with an extra $700 dollars per month or be forced to move out. This is an unfair and unsustainable practice that needed to end,” said Kate White, leader of the Yukon NDP.

The rent cap is an important measure that brought stability to the rental market and has prevented unfair rent hikes across the territory. It has protected tenants every day from sky-high rent increases. 

“If the Liberals end the rent cap, tenants in the territory will be at risk of unaffordable rent increases. The Liberals — and the Yukon Party — are choosing to leave tenants behind. The cost of housing is a huge issue in the territory, and tenants are going to be put in the most vulnerable position,” White added. 

For the last 18 months, tenants have been protected from unaffordable rent hikes thanks to the Yukon NDP.

“The Liberals’ refusal to extend the rent cap shows how out of touch they are with everyday Yukoners. They talk about affordability but are going to make life more expensive for hundreds of tenants across the Yukon,” said White. 

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