Liberals deny Yukon seniors access to Yukon Housing

Whitehorse, April 26, 2023 – Today the Liberals chose to leave Yukon seniors behind by refusing to review their flawed and unfair new policy on Yukon Housing eligibility.

The Yukon NDP brought forward a motion to review the government’s new policy for seniors applying for Yukon Housing. Under this policy, some Yukon seniors are no longer eligible for Yukon Housing due to a new asset limit.

“While the Yukon NDP supports prioritizing people based on need, this arbitrary asset limit doesn’t take into account real-life situations,” said Lane (Emily) Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre and Yukon NDP critic for housing. “I’m thinking of the couple in Watson Lake who were kicked off the Yukon Housing waitlist after years of waiting, even though they need an accessible home. All because they own a 37-year-old trailer and a truck.”

“We asked the government to do the right thing – pause the policy until they’ve had a chance to talk to seniors who are affected, and find a better way forward. It’s disappointing that they refused,” said Kate White, Leader of the Yukon NDP.

Some of these seniors attended the debate, hopeful that the government would take their concerns seriously.

“Every week we are hearing about the effects and consequences this policy is having on seniors. Seniors deserve to be able to age in dignity. Instead, they were blindsided by this government – who now refuses to hear reason,” added White.

The Liberals were clear that they would not support the Yukon NDP motion to make housing more accessible for Yukon seniors.

The Yukon NDP will continue to fight for fair, affordable and accessible housing for seniors.