NDP condemns Yukon Government decision to send rapid tests to mine sites

Whitehorse – The Yukon NDP is condemning the Liberal Government’s decision to send over 60% of the COVID-19 rapid antigen tests they received from the federal government to mine sites instead of using them in our communities.

Ninety percent of these tests were sent to Silvertip mine in British Columbia and to Eagle Gold mine outside Mayo, Yukon.

“I absolutely agree that mine workers deserve to be safe. That being said – how can the government justify sending thousands of rapid tests to a company in British Columbia who made almost a billion dollars in revenue last year AND that qualified for free tests from the federal government? In the meantime, schools or Yukon small businesses must wait in line.”

  –   Kate White, leader of the Yukon NDP

Both Silvertip and Eagle mine qualify to receive free rapid tests directly from the Federal Government. The thousands of rapid tests they received from the Yukon Government could have been used to keep more kids at school and daycares and to protect educators, grocery store and other front-line workers. 

“Parents, teachers and frontline workers have been urging the Government to implement a rapid test strategy for months now. These thousands of tests could have been deployed throughout the Yukon ahead of the holidays to help Yukoners make safe, informed decisions.” 

–   Kate White, leader of the Yukon NDP