WHITEHORSE – The Yukon NDP registered on Friday as an intervener in ATCO’s rate review process, allowing the Yukon NDP to bring forward the voices of Yukoners and fight against ATCO’s unfair rate increase proposal.

“After years of earning millions in excess profits, ATCO is now trying to increase electricity rates. This is unfair to Yukoners,” said Lane Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre.

ATCO is proposing a 3.3 per cent increase for the remainder of 2023, and a 10 per cent increase starting in 2024.

While the Yukon NDP is intervening in the rate review, the Liberal government has failed to take action.

“The government should be making sure that electricity rates are fair instead of letting ATCO take advantage of ratepayers. It’s clear where the Liberals stand when it comes to protecting Yukoners against corporate greed,” Tredger added.