Statement from Kate White on Non-Confidence Motion

Today, the Yukon Party issued a press release proposing an agreement with the Yukon NDP.

As the Leader of the Yukon NDP, I have committed to providing confidence to the Liberal government until the end of our agreement. I will not be breaking this commitment.

The most likely option of voting in favor of a non-confidence motion would mean calling an election. No one but the Yukon Party thinks an election is what Yukon needs right now.

Our territory is not only facing a global pandemic. Yukoners are facing a health care crisis, a housing crisis, an opioid crisis, a mental health crisis and an education crisis. What Mr. Dixon is proposing does not help solving any of these issues, but rather advances his own personal interest.

Ultimately, I always put Yukoners at the center of my decisions. Yukoners need their elected officials to show leadership and to work on tackling these very real issues the territory is facing. They don’t need elected officials to play political games. They do not need another election.