Premier Pillai needs to release details of MOU with Premier Ford – Yukon NDP

The Yukon NDP is calling on Premier Pillai to release the details of the memorandum of understanding he signed with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Last week, Premier Pillai signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on housing with Doug Ford. Since then, no details have been released about what this MOU is supposed to do for Yukoners.

“Looking at Doug Ford’s track record in his province about affordability and housing, Yukoners are concerned that the Liberals are asking Ford’s conservative government for best practices. This MOU should be made public immediately. Yukoners deserve to know what kind of secret deal the Premier is making with Ford’s conservative government,” said Kate White, leader of the Yukon NDP.

The government’s release also mentions further “opportunities for collaboration” in the field of healthcare or labour force.

“Doug Ford’s conservative government has made life more difficult for many Ontarians – he’s privatising healthcare, selling off green space to private investors, giving millions of public dollars to luxury spas instead of investing in school and public healthcare,” stated White. “Under his government, hundreds of seniors died of COVID, dehydration, starvation and neglect in private, for-profit senior homes. Doug Ford’s track record should be avoided at all costs, not imported to the Yukon.”

A recently released survey from public opinion experts Angus Reid showed more than 83% of Ontarians felt Ford was doing a poor or very poor job of dealing with housing affordability. The numbers were similar when asked how they felt about Fords handling of cost of living and healthcare.

“Premier Pillai needs to release the details of the Memorandum of Understanding to the public and reassure Yukoners that this government is not intending on selling off the Yukon piece by piece to Ontario investors,” added White.

Yukoners expect accountability and transparency from their government. A secret MOU with Doug Ford is anything but that.