Premier Must Clarify Leadership Rules for Cabinet Ministers: NDP and YP say

WHITEHORSE – The leaders of the Yukon Party and the Yukon NDP are calling on the Premier to set out clear rules for cabinet ministers that will be seeking  leadership, to ensure that their positions and government resources are not being abused and used to campaign.
It has been three weeks since the Premier stepped down. With the Legislature resuming this week, it is concerning that no rules have been established and communicated by the Premier. Convention usually dictates that Cabinet Ministers step down from their cabinet position before seeking leadership.

“There is a long-standing convention in Canadian politics that Cabinet Ministers who are running for the leadership of a party step away from cabinet duties during the leadership campaign.” – Currie Dixon, Leader, Yukon Party

“It’s important that the Premier publicly communicate clear rules before the sitting starts on Thursday, to ensure that cabinet positions and resources, as well as public funds and resources are not used to pursue leadership by any MLA.” – Kate White, Leader, Yukon NDP