Strong public services

A prosperous Yukon is one where nobody is left behind and where everyone — working men and women, seniors and elders, children and youth — participates and receives the benefits of our shared success.

Our public health care system is one of our most cherished institutions. We believe there should be more emphasis on wellness and prevention, on client-centred approaches like collaborative care, and action on the recommendations in the expensive reports and studies. Any public building project should be built based on the evidence and needs, not on political calculations.

Public healthcare in the Yukon should be reformed and strengthened to:

  • ensure there are sufficient family doctors and other health care professionals to meet needs,
  • increase the role of nurse practitioners and community based clinics,
  • reduce barriers facing capable and competent professionals from other countries who want to work here,
  • maximize the scope of practice to make best use of the skills of each profession,
  • ensure good quality and adequate staff-housing is available to health professionals in the communities.