Yukoners know that our wilderness is unique in the world. Abundant wildlife, vast wild lands and clean, fish-rich waters have supported us for thousands of years. They are an important part of our identity — and our deep attachment to the Yukon’s vast sprawling landscape from the Southern Lakes to the North Slope are an important part of our history. What we enjoy today should also be a vital part of our legacy for future generations.

Today, in the face of an organized campaign to implement fracking in the territory led by the Yukon government, Yukoners are calling for greater respect for the values of conservation and protection — and for policy based on responsible management of our environment.

Yukoners support and seek sustainable development that knows and respects the environment and that will benefit everyone both today and in the years to come. That’s why a Yukon NDP government passed the Yukon Environment Act 20 years ago.

We respect the need to engage the community on important decisions, and to respect the consensus-building negotiation processes established under the Umbrella Final Agreements. We don’t believe in introducing fracking to Yukon when the science and the community tells us it would be irresponsible. It’s that simple.

The Yukon NDP caucus believes in a sustainable economy of controlled development based on:

  • improved environmental stewardship
  • more effective and efficient land use and conservation planning
  • respect of the assessment process
  • a stronger regulatory and enforcement regime