Yukon NDP calls on Currie Dixon to tell Yukoners which of Doug Fords bad ideas he’s bringing back to the Yukon

Whitehorse – On December 3rd, Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon announced that he visited with the Ontario PC Party and had “learned a lot” from Ontario Premier Doug Ford and embattled Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

Ford and Lecce have been bad news for Ontarians, bad news for working families and bad news for the environment. The Yukon NDP wants to know what failed policies of the Ontario government Mr. Dixon is trying to learn from his conservative friends.

Premier Ford has introduced a long and growing list of bad policy and legislation since his government was first elected. Here’s just a few examples:

• Illegally capping nurses wage increases to 1% and driving nurses out of the province.
• Use of the notwithstanding clause to deny constitutional rights to unionized education workers, nearly causing a general strike in the province.
• Selling off the little green space left in the greater Toronto area to party insiders for development.
• Mismanaged healthcare so badly that the Red Cross is now being called in to keep Ontario hospitals open.

Yukoners don’t want Ford Nation – so why is conservative leader Currie Dixon trying to bring those failed ideas to Yukon?