Yukon NDP Give Liberals an ‘F’ on Putting People First Update

Whitehorse — Today, the Liberal government released their first annual report on Putting People First. Over two years have passed since the Liberals accepted the report in full, yet they have only completed 14 out of the 76 recommendations.

“The healthcare system is under extreme pressure right now — from chronic staff shortages to COVID, medical burnout, and surgery backlogs,” said Annie Blake, the Yukon NDP’s critic for Health and Social Services.

The report does not include timelines or an operational plan to put these recommendations into practice. There is not a single measure of success or completion in this document. 

“This is a vague piece of communication for the government to suggest that they are on track. But it’s clear to Yukoners that the Liberals are dragging their feet. People deserve to know when they can expect the Liberals to do the work they promised, with clear dates and deadlines,” said Kate White, leader of the Yukon NDP

The Yukon NDP is calling on the government to do better — Yukoners deserve healthcare and social services that do not leave them behind. 

“The Liberal government has failed to do the hard work to move towards a truly public, inclusive, and universal healthcare system,” said Blake. “We continue to hear from Yukoners who have nowhere to go but the Emergency Department for primary care; folks who continue to face racism and discrimination when they seek healthcare; and people in communities who are still unable to access the basic healthcare services they need. There is a never-ending list of stories that the Liberals are refusing to hear.” 

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