Yukon NDP Leader Kate White attending the 2023 Mineral Exploration Round-up

VANCOUVER – Leader of the Yukon NDP Kate White is looking forward to the discussions and presentations at this year’s Association of Mineral Exploration’s annual Round-up conference.  

“Round-up is an occasion to hold important conversations with stakeholders about how we envision mining in the Yukon,” said White. “In the years that I have been attending, I have seen the conversations change and recognize the important steps that both government and industry need to take towards reconciliation.” 

White also took part in the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce Annual Roundup reception as well as the Yukon Night, organized by the Yukon Chamber of Mines. She will attend the Trade Show, the Reconciliation keynote breakfast and other activities. 

“I’m pleased to see that more discussions focus on how to advance mineral exploration that is in line with ethical and sustainable practices,” added White.