WHITEHORSE – Yukon NDP Leader Kate White issued the following statement on the occasion of Labour Day, to be celebrated on Monday, September 4th, 2023:

“The Yukon NDP proudly joins Yukoners and Canadians everywhere in celebrating Labour Day. It’s a day to acknowledge the relentless efforts of the labor movement and community leaders.

Many of the gains we enjoy today, like weekends, overtime pay, the eight-hour workday, and the very concept of a minimum wage, were once the frontlines of the battle for social justice.

Despite many achievements, the fight for workers’ rights is far from over. Many workers still face discrimination, poverty, inadequate healthcare, job insecurity, and many more challenges.

We will continue to fight for safer workplaces, social and economic justice, good benefits and a living wage for all workers.

Today and every day, the Yukon NDP stands in solidarity with workers worldwide, and remains dedicated to creating a just and equitable society where every worker is valued and protected.”