Yukon NDP motion to allow physicians’ assistants passes

WHITEHORSE, YT – The Yukon Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a Yukon NDP motion to improve health care.

The motion, tabled by MLA Annie Blake (Vuntut-Gwitchin) on Wednesday, Nov. 8, calls on the Yukon Liberals to allow physicians’ assistants to practice in the territory.

“Physicians’ assistants would be a great addition to team-based models of care. They reduce the burden on overworked doctors, reduce hospital wait times, and improve access to essential medical care,” Blake told the House. “Unfortunately, they are not allowed to work in the Yukon yet.”

Physician assistants would boost Yukoners’ health care access, especially in rural Yukon where healthcare professionals are thin on the ground.

“Physician assistants could work in community health care centres, issue prescriptions, or manage care for chronic conditions, without rural Yukoners having to travel to Whitehorse,” Blake continued.