Yukon NDP puts Liberals on notice

WHITEHORSE, YT – The Yukon NDP put the territorial Liberals on notice Thursday, May 2, with Leader Kate White telling the premier to deliver on outstanding CASA commitments by the Fall Sitting.

White told Premier Ranj Pillai to deliver on the commitments the NDP secured through the parties’ second Confidence and Supply Agreement (CASA).

White specifically told the premier that she expects the Liberals to include fertility treatment to medical travel costs covered by the Yukon’s health-care system, and to provide financial support to Yukoners for fertility treatment and surrogacy expenses.

On the education front, Pillai’s Liberals must also come through on their commitment to provide a one-year training program for Yukon Educational Assistants and Teachers on Call, White said.

That work must be done in collaboration with the Yukon Association of Education Professionals, Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon, and Autism Yukon, according to CASA.

On housing, White told Pillai to begin the work to make the Yukon’s Land Lottery system fair and accessible to all Yukoners.

“The premier knows what he has to do if he wants us to keep his government alive through the Fall Sitting. This is about the real commitments the Liberals promised Yukoners — Yukoners who deserve better health care, better education and more equitable access to housing. The premier made these commitments to Yukoners when we signed the second CASA, and so far, his government has delivered on less than half of them.

“Yukoners expect real action on all of those commitments, and so do I,” White said Thursday afternoon.