Yukon NDP Supports Yukon Mining

WHITEHORSE, YT – Yukon NDP Leader Kate White on Monday, Oct. 16, issued the following statement responding to Premier Ranj Pillai’s comments in the House:

“The Yukon NDP came to the House today to have an important conversation about the territory’s economic future and it seems that upset the premier.

I asked Premier Pillai some hard questions about the budget for the ore dock in Alaska. He could’ve told Yukoners why his government is taking $21 million away from this year’s budget to build a port facility in another country, and without showing Yukoners a plan to recoup their investment.

Instead of giving me answers, the premier leaned on tired clichés and other non-answers.

The Yukon NDP wants to see sustainable, ethical, and responsible mining in the territory.

That’s why I forced the Liberals to open historic negotiations to modernize the Yukon’s mining and resource legislation. We need to bring Yukon mining into the 21st century so that we can attract mining companies that will take our economy, our industry, and our environment to heart.
I’ve worked in the mining industry here in the Yukon. I know how important the industry is for our territory.

The Yukon NDP wants to get Yukon minerals to tidewater. But Yukoners need to know that their government has done its homework.

We’ll have more hard-hitting questions about the ore dock for Ranj Pillai’s Liberals, and we hope they’ll come back with answers for Yukoners. Yukoners have a right to know.”