Yukon NDP’s Kate White asks health minister to reimburse Yukoners affected by lapses in dental plan coverage

Dear Minister McPhee,

RE: Supporting Yukoners affected by lapsed dental plan coverage

One of the core items in the 2021 Confidence and Supply Agreement was to provide a public dental plan for Yukoners.

Over 1,200 people have enrolled in the program since it launched in January 2023, allowing many to access dental care for the first time in years – decades for some. That’s something we can both be proud of.

Unfortunately, some Yukoners who enrolled in the program lost or had a lapse in their coverage because they weren’t aware that they needed to reapply by June 30, 2023.

It is important to note that these people remained eligible for the program. Their coverage lapsed owing to a technicality.

This is a new program, and I can accept that there’s been some growing pains. All the same, I have to ask if the program’s requirements could’ve been communicated better.

Were reminders sent to everyone who applied and qualified for the program before the reapplication deadline?

Were reminders sent to everyone whose coverage lapsed after June 30, 2023?

One of the core principles for the Yukon NDP was that the dental program would not be a financial hardship for people to access. It was critical to us that people not have to pay out of pocket when they see the dentist.

We now know that there were Yukoners who applied and qualified for the program, and then had to pay out of pocket because they didn’t know they had to reapply.

In order to alleviate some of this hardship, I’m asking your department to reimburse these Yukoners for their eligible dental care costs incurred between the June 30th deadline and their successful reapplications.


Kate White

Leader of the Yukon NDP

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