Yukon NDP applauds results of Confidence and Supply Agreement in federal budget

Whitehorse, April 7th – Yukon NDP Leader Kate White is applauding the results obtained by federal counterpart Jagmeet Singh, thanks to their newly signed Confidence and Supply Agreement.

Canada’s NDP entered into an agreement with the governing Liberal Party, pledging to support their budget in exchange for concrete action on NDP priorities.

The federal agreement contains similar priorities as the Yukon NDP’s own Confidence and Supply Agreement signed with the Yukon Liberal government: action on housing affordability, publicly funded dentalcare and pharmacare, and ten days of paid sick leave.

“It great to see that the federal NDP was able to secure commitments to get results and programs that Canadians need. I’m excited to see the roll out of publicly funded dentalcare and huge investments in housing in today’s budget as the result of Jagmeet Singh’s leadership.”

– Kate White, Yukon NDP Leader

The federal NDP negotiated important budget initiatives for the territory, including:

  • $5.3 billion over five years for dentalcare rollout, starting with kids under 12 years of age in 2022
  • An additional $1.5 billion over two years to the Rapid Housing Initiative.
  • The introduction of a Homebuyers Bill of Rights.
  • $4.3 billion for Indigenous housing over seven years.
  • Ten days of paid sick leave for federally regulated workers– this includes workers in banking, transportation and telecommunications sectors.
  • $209.8 million over five years to locate, document and memorialize burial sites at former residential schools.
  • An additional $32.2 million for the Atlin Hydro Expansion project.

“This budget shows how much more we can accomplish when we work together for the good of Yukoners and Canadians. I’m proud of the work done by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to achieve this historic budget and I’m relieved for Canadians who will benefit from this agreement right away.” Said Kate White, Yukon NDP Leader.