Yukon NDP calls for more transparency surrounding Covid-19 in schools

WHITEHORSE – Amidst mass community spread and the worst outbreak the Yukon has seen to date, the Government has decided it has had enough of exposure notices in schools.

In an email sent to parents on Wednesday evening, the Department of Education stated that: “In the coming days, YCDC will decrease the amount of case and contact management work that is done for the schools and will no longer be issuing school exposure notifications.”

The Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health and the government continue to tell parents that schools are the safest place for their children to be. Now, they are removing the ability of the school administration to make informed decisions depending on case count and exposure in their school.

“This is a big change in policy direction and should have been communicated at the Wednesday press conference. People are watching case counts explode, and they are worried. If there are changes being made in the approach to schools, the Government needs to be up front about that.”

–   Kate White, Leader of the Yukon NDP

At a time when the CMOH is expecting to see more hospitalizations in the days to come teachers, parents and school councils have been looking to the government to not only protect their children, but their communities and elders as well. With these changes, school administrators, educators and families can no longer make informed decisions about attendance in school or virtual learning.

“If this is the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, then the Government needs to be shouting it from the roof tops to inform the school communities. Parents are trying to make the right decision for their kids and the government is making that difficult. These late-night emails continue to leave parents scrambling for options and piling on the stress.”

–   Kate White, Leader of the Yukon NDP