NDP introduces Bill-303 to protect LGBTQ2S+ students in Yukon schools

Whitehorse, March 17th – Yukon NDP MLA Emily Tredger introduced an Act to Amend the Education Act that would require all Yukon schools to establish and support in-school activities for LGBTQ2S+ youth.

“Students are telling me that this is something that they need. I know it would have helped me a lot when I was in school.”

–     Emily Tredger, MLA Whitehorse Centre

The Private Members Bill, introduced to the Yukon Legislative Assembly today, is intended to provide inclusive social spaces for students who identify as LGBTQ2S+ and their allies.

“Every queer and trans student deserves a safe space in their school. They shouldn’t have to formally request supports or hope that their school will be supportive – it just needs to be there for everyone. This bill will make that a reality.”

–     Emily Tredger, MLA Whitehorse Centre

This Bill is a chance for the other parties to make good on their promises to support LGBTQ2S+ rights and make schools safer for all students.

The Bill having been introduced by MLA Tredger for first reading, will now have to be called for debate.