Deal to make life better for Yukoners

On January 31, 2023 Yukon NDP Leader Kate White signed a deal with Liberal Leader Ranj Pillai to make life better for Yukoners in exchange for the NDP’s support on confidence motions.

Here’s what is accomplished in this deal: 


  • Money to recruit new health care workers, including a program that will support Yukoners who want to study to work in a medical field and commit to coming back and working here after graduation. 
  • A new walk-in clinic in Whitehorse. 
  • Support for people seeking fertility treatment, including medical travel and an $8000/year tax rebate. 
  • A managed alcohol program in the Yukon. 
  • Address the drug poisoning crisis by supporting Yukon First Nations to design and implement government-funded land-based healing programs. 
  • Increase the spots available for detox by hiring more staff, and when those services are full, fund people to seek out-of-territory treatment, so that help is there when people need it. 
  • Create a working group to consider making hemodialysis services available in the Yukon.


  • Money to recruit new educators, including a program that will support Yukoners who want to study to work in education and commit to coming back and working here after graduation. 
  • Increase the number of Educational Assistants and Learning Assistance Teachers in schools, starting this fall. 
  • More training for Educational Assistants and Teachers on Call in collaboration and consultation with Yukon Association of Education Professionals, Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon and Autism Yukon.
  • Make IEPs available for students who need them.
  • Ensure psych-eds assessments are done within 6 months, If government is unable to provide the assessment, cover expenses for parents to arrange an external assessment. 
  • Put a dedicated wellness counsellor in every school to address mental health needs. 
  • Make funding available to invest in improving mental health outcomes for youth.

Affordability & Housing

  • Fund the City of Whitehorse to make public transit free. 
  • Increase the Yukon Child Benefit Program to reflect inflation and tie those rates to cost of living going forward. 
  • Increase social assistance rates by $100 per month immediately and conduct a review of social assistance rates. 
  • Maintain the cap on rent increases, tied to inflation. When inflation is higher than 5%, rent will be capped at 5% and when it’s lower than 2%, a 2% increase will be permitted. 
  • Join the rest of Canada in banning no-cause evictions, and instead allow evictions based on reasonable grounds, like non-payment of rent, property damage or occupation by a landlord. 
  • Review and improve the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, which is currently not working for anyone.
  • Fund more non-profit seniors housing.
  • Make it easier for all Yukoners to build a home by expanding eligibility of the Yukon Housing Home Building Loan and making the land lottery system more fair. 

Reconciliation with First Nations

  • Seek the consent of Yukon First Nation Chiefs to begin a discussion on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 
  • Continue to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with targeted investment. 
  • Continue working in partnership with Yukon First Nations on the development of successor mining legislation. 

Environment & Communities

  • Invest an additional $5 million per year in renewable energy infrastructure. 
  • Collaborate on a strategy to protect salmon and restore populations to historic levels. 
  • Consult with communities to determine household waste disposal options in Keno, Johnsons Crossing, Silver City and Braeburn.
  • Work with Yukon First Nations, communities, and local businesses to develop low-cost transportation options for people traveling throughout the Yukon.
  • Promote the Yukon Remote Work Policy to encourage and support Government of Yukon employees to work remotely from Yukon communities where operationally feasible.

See the full, signed copy of the agreement here.

See the video of the announcement here

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