Bill 304 to create safe spaces for LGBTQ2S+ debated in the Legislature

Whitehorse, April 7 – Yesterday, Yukon NDP’s Bill 304, Act to Amend the Education Act, was debated in the Legislative Assembly.

In the weeks since the Bill was introduced in the Legislative Assembly, the Yukon NDP has been hearing from students, parents, and teachers about how  important this Bill is. Creating and having access to safe spaces would make a huge difference in the lives of many LGBTQ2S+ students in their schools.

That hope is now one step closer to reality.

Bill 304 received letters of support from All Genders Yukon Society, Yukon Association of Education Professionals, and Queer Yukon.

However, not everyone approved of the Bill as it was written. Liberal and Yukon Party members spoke at length about the need for more extensive consultations – suggesting that students should continue to wait for more supports while the Government holds meetings about what is best for them.

“I am so proud of the students and advocates who have worked to make this happen. I was disappointed by some of my colleagues’ comments, and disappointed that an amendment was brought forward that weakened the available support for these initiatives. However, this bill is too important to be delayed, and today we were able to move it one step closer.”

– Emily Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Center