Government needs to provide more detail on runway project: Emily Tredger

Whitehorse, August 11, 2022 – Whitehorse Centre MLA Emily Tredger is calling on the Yukon Government to release more details about their plan for Puckett’s Gulch ahead of a September 12th public hearing.

The government has requested that the City of Whitehorse rezone a parcel of land on the Eastern edge of the Whitehorse airport to accommodate the extension of a runway to comply with new Transport Canada regulations.

“Government has not done their homework. Expecting citizens to speak to a project at a public hearing when so little detail has been provided is unreasonable” said Emily Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre.

The airport trail near Puckett’s Gulch is a treasured recreational trail for downtown residents, tourists, and commuters from across Whitehorse. The information provided to the public only shows a 2D overhead view of the area to be rezoned. It makes no mention of what rerouting the Whitehorse Airport Trail would look like, or what would happen to the two commuter trails up and down the clay cliff.

“Downtown residents have been coming to me, asking what will happen to the trail, to the gulch and to the stairs? YG needs to be clear with citizens and with Whitehorse City Council about what they intend to do with the area before coming to council with a zoning request. Show us the plan.” said MLA Tredger.

The City of Whitehorse will hold a public hearing on September 12th as part of their rezoning process. MLA Tredger is calling on the Yukon Government to release more details ahead of the September 12 public hearing so residents can ask informed questions.