Liberals’ Failing to protect Yukon renters from unethical practices

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Yukon NDP called on the Liberal government to end evictions without cause in the territory – as another entire apartment building is being evicted. This is the third apartment building in downtown Whitehorse being mass evicted without cause.

“This is an appalling example of how this government is failing to protect tenants. The government seems happy to let evictions happen, over and over again. At every step of the way, the Liberals have chosen to leave tenants vulnerable in the middle of a housing crisis” said Emily Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre.

Eviction without cause do not happen in the rest of Canada. In every other Canadian jurisdiction except Newfoundland, landlords have to give a reason to evict a tenant. This is a basic protection for tenants, and it doesn’t exist in the Yukon. As a result, people, like Darlene Pollard and Richard Lawrence, have lost their homes and are now struggling to find a new place to live. 

“There are some things where laws are required to make things fair. The government is the one who has the power to change the law. It’s too late for us, but we want to speak on behalf of people in the future – nobody should have to face this situation,” said Richard Lawrence, tenant of 10 years who was served an eviction notice when the building was bought.

People on fixed incomes, like seniors, are being pushed out of the rental market. Summer is ending, and they’re getting increasingly desperate to find a home.

“I have lived in this current apartment building for twenty years and referred to it as my home. I was served with a 2-month eviction notice. Two months to pack up 20 years of my life and leave, with no reason given. The lack of protection has left me in a precarious position of wondering what my future holds for me: When will I be able to find affordable housing?” said Darlene Pollard, another long-term tenant who was served an eviction notice this month.

The Liberal Government could ban evictions without cause today. Everyday, they are choosing to let people – seniors, families, vulnerable Yukoners – get evicted. It has to end. The Yukon NDP is once again calling on the Liberal Government to do the right thing.