Minimum Wage Increase Now In Effect

Yesterday August 1st marked the implementation day of the Yukon minimum wage increase. The Yukon NDP Caucus is proud to celebrate this achievement. This increase raises the Yukon minimum wage to a rate of $15.20/hour. It will help reduce the gap between the minimum wage and a living wage and reflect the important role played by minimum-wage workers in our community.

“The Yukon NDP has been pushing for a minimum wage increase for years, and this increase would not have taken place without the Confidence and Supply Agreement signed with the government. We are so excited that real gains are happening for Yukoners. We will continue to push for positive, progressive change in the Yukon.” Kate White, Leader of the Yukon NDP

“My business all comes from Yukoners. Money in their pocket is money they can spend at my business or at any other of the awesome local businesses we have up here. Increasing the minimum wage will help both essential workers and the businesses that serve them. It’s a win-win.” – Kai Miller, co-owner of Polarity Brewing

“As a small business owner, I have always prioritized providing a fair living wage to staff and adjusting our business accordingly. I understand some businesses may require an adjustment period, but I believe this minimum wage increase is an important step towards better support and respect for workers, especially considering the constantly rising cost of living in the territory.” – Adrian Burrill, co-owner of Bullet Hole Bagels

“The wellbeing of our employees is important to me: when they can afford what they need because they’re paid a fair wage, it benefits everyone at our store. As an employer that already pays above minimum wage, I want to assure other business owners that it has never hurt my business to pay my employees a better rate.” – Jan Stick, co-owner of Well-Read Books

The minimum wage increase to $15.20 is an element of the Confidence and Supply Agreement and is supported by both the Yukon Liberal government and the Yukon NDP Caucus.