Yukon NDP Bill – Safe Space for LGBTQ2S+ Students – Adopted

Whitehorse, April 20th 2022 – Today, the Yukon NDP’s Bill-304 was adopted in the Legislative Assembly. A crowd of students, as well as teachers and a principal, carrying pride flags and wide smiles arrived early at the Legislative Assembly to witness this historic moment.

“Bill-304 is another incredibly necessary step in the incredibly difficult journey of reaching true equality and inclusivity in Yukon schools,” said Gabe, a Yukon student.

Thanks to this bill, all Yukon schools will be required to provide inclusive spaces or activities, such as Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSAs), for LGBTQ2S+ students and their allies.

“GSAs will make some students feel safer and provide a space where they can be themselves,” said Nari, another student.

The LGBTQ2S+ community has faced many challenges over the years and continues to face such challenges. This bill will make school safer for LGBTQ2S+ students, regardless of which schools they attend and if administration is supportive.

“The work we did on this bill was started because of so many students who came to us and shared their experiences. Since the bill was introduced, we’ve heard from even more students, parents and educators  who shared how excited they were,” said Emily Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre.

This bill also removes the condition of students needing to ask for a GSA, which is a significant barrier for students who may not be ready to be singled out, or to come out. “I am so proud of what we accomplished today. This bill will make schools safer for students,” said Emily Tredger, MLA for Whitehorse Centre.