Yukon Legislature supports an elementary school downtown. Liberals vote against.

Whitehorse, March 15, 2023 – Today, the Legislative Assembly adopted a Yukon NDP motion to make sure there continues to be an elementary school downtown. The Liberals chose to vote against the motion and voted against an elementary school in downtown Whitehorse.

“Since I introduced this motion in favor of an elementary school downtown, I have been flooded by emails and letters from residents who told me why an elementary school is essential to keep our downtown core alive,” said MLA Tredger. “The support from residents is there.”

Last summer, the Liberals announced, with no notice to parents, staff or without any consultation with the community, that they would be closing the École Whitehorse Elementary School (EWES) and moving the French immersion program in a new school in Takhini.

Despite an outcry from downtown residents, the government has refused to commit to replacing ÉWES with a new elementary school for families living downtown.

“It is disappointing that the Liberals refuse to even acknowledge the need for an elementary school in downtown Whitehorse. Schools are the heart of a community. They make a community vibrant, inclusive and diverse,” added Tredger.

Despite the opposition of the Liberals, the Yukon NDP motion passed is now the will of the Legislature.

“It’s time for this government to listen to the downtown community and commit to keeping Whitehorse’s downtown a place where people want to live,” said Tredger.